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Presidio Dance Theatre is a non profit performing dance company with a school dedicated to rigorous ballet, folk and character dance training and performance for children and adults, grounded in deep cultural engagement and connection. PDT's repertoire of 200 dances from 30 nations includes superlative costuming that draws from a variety of international cultures and historic dance traditions.

Each year, PDT trains new generations of globally sensitive dancers and creates and stages performances reaching thousands of people. Unusually rich performance opportunities abound at PDT because Sherene Melania, PDT's artistic director, believes in the universal power of dance to open possibilities for global dialogue and human connection – for bringing people together.
Sherene Melania was the first young American student ever to attend the Ballet Specialty & Choreography program of the St. Petersburg State Conservatory, Russia.
She sits on the San Francisco Arts Commission representing dance and arts education, and has a Masters of Arts in Education from Harvard.
PDT was founded in 1998. Previously in San Francisco's Presidio, it is now located at 1950 Page Street in San Francisco.

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