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The Company

A highly acclaimed, multi-generational dance company.

Presidio Dance Theatre (PDT) is a highly acclaimed, multi-generational dance company recognized for its signature style of Ethno-Classical Ballet. The company includes performers as young as five years old and seasoned adult professionals. Both the Youth and Adult companies tour together. PDT supports various humanitarian causes and has earned prestigious awards, including the US State Department’s award for “Distinguished Service in Cultural Diplomacy through Dance."

PDT develops and presents original productions for the stage, including a winter and spring season of performances. The repertoire of full-length productions includes Beyond the Land of Sweets, The Little Lantern Ballet and Dancing Across Cultures. PDT also presents commissioned work in collaboration with various organizations.

PDT has been commissioned to choreograph and perform for humanitarian organizations such as the United Nations, International Red Cross, UNESCO, Assyrian Aid Society, Assyrian Arts Institute, UCSF’s Brain Cancer Research Center and Make-A-Wish Foundation.

PDT has embraced artists from Palestine, Syria, Iran, Azerbaijan, Lebanon, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, The Republic of Georgia, Uganda and Latin America. Many artists find a refuge in PDT as the organization provides a safe space and opportunities for assimilation. We believe that working with underrepresented artists from conflict-ridden countries fosters an appreciation for the arts as a catalyst of social change.

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