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About Us

About Us

Presidio Dance Theatre is a San Francisco-based multi-generational performing dance company combining rigorous Vaganova style ballet, folk and character dance training, and performance for children and adults.

Judy George Bretschneider founded Presidio Dance Theatre (PDT) in 1998. She wanted to build a dance company that did more than offer ballet classes. She wanted to build a family of inspired young artists who could show audiences that dance unites cultures and promotes societal awareness for inclusivity and global empathy.

Now, more than 20 years later, Judy’s vision is more relevant than ever. Under Sherene Melania’s direction and mentorship, Presidio Dance Theatre has become an award winning dance company performing a repertoire of 200 dances from 30 nations. In Sherene’s words: “It takes courage to explore the world's endless possibilities, to cultivate a sense of responsibility and compassion for others. The power of dance inspires that. It's my life's work.”  

Through Judy's initial vision and Sherene's passion, PDT is truly a community where students are encouraged to dig deeper within themselves – as humans and as global citizens – and engage dance as a tool to help others.

PDT offers a variety of programs for pre-professional students, budding arts enthusiasts and adult performance dancers. The Youth Company provides high quality Vaganova-based ballet training, emphasizing cultural diversity. We offer year-round classes and specialty master classes, dance intensives and summer camps. Eighty percent of graduating seniors receive scholarships for dance.   

In addition to local performances, students develop cultural diplomacy skills through their work as Young Ambassadors, participating in international tours, representing San Francisco and the United States at various festivals and San Francisco Sister City exchanges, alongside our adult company.  

PDT sees dance as a vehicle to promote compassion, understanding and equity. We choreograph and perform for humanitarian organizations such as the United Nations, International Red Cross, UNESCO, Assyrian Aid Society, Assyrian Arts Institute, UCSF’s Brain Cancer Research Center and Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Our Youth and Adult companies collaborate for every performance. We view this multi-generational approach and our signature performances as a means of supporting cross-cultural dialogue and collaborative creative processes, resulting in relevant, inclusive work.

Our repertoire of full-length original PDT productions includes Beyond the Land of Sweets, Pink Slipper Club, The Little Lantern Ballet and Dancing Across Cultures.  

PDT presents commissioned work, in collaboration with select national and international organizations. 

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